Philosophy: HC instead of HR

grafikHCMCH offers Human Capital Management: Personnel management with profitable goals and sustainable values.


Capital increases when working –
Resources are used up when worked.
Therefore "Human Capital" instead of "Human Resources"


Human Capital Management is valuable not only during buildup situations and phases of growth. Also in restructuring, business transfers, (partial) closedown, relocation, or sometimes inavoidable layoff of employees it's not what you say, but how you say it. When dealing with the company’s most valuable capital, you will demonstrably and sustainably achieve better results through honest, open communcation and friendly perseverance than by fast and drastic steps.

Change processes are only succesful if all parties concerned are also engaged – depending on the organization’s situation under clear financial, time and legal constraints or with greater flexibility also for employee and representative participation. Open and honest communication and taking along all participants is demanding and often more difficult than just implementing others’ decisions, but rewarding: Often other, also economically more sensible solutions can be found when all stakeholders are involved.

HCMCH offers the necessary know how in all Human Capital topics and experience in all stages and situations of organizations.

HCMCH offers Human Capital Management: Personnel management with profitable values and convictions.

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